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CSS Gallery Submission

The work of the top infographic designer in the world

The infographic work of Giacomo De Panfilis

The Designer’s Guide to Creating Social Media Portfolios That Covert

40+ print infographics from all over the world

Top quality editorial design by Rodolfo França

Infographic inspiration from the world’s top graphic desks

Hyper-realistic infographics by Erika Onodera

The infographic work of Danilo Kako

The infographic talent of Lionel Fock

The infographic talent of Ivón Guzmán

Print data visualizations from graphics desks around the world

The infographic talent of Douglas Okasaki

Infographic galore: the work of Yael Shinkar

Infographic galore: the work of Yael Shinkar

Exploration of Current Portfolio Design Trends

50 amazing new infographics from magazines and newspapers

Graphics and maps by Matteo Riva

The infographic work of Giulia De Amicis

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