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Repurposing print infographics into video

Hyper-realistic infographics by Erika Onodera

The infographic work of Danilo Kako

The infographic talent of Lionel Fock

Awarded infographics from the top Iberian newspapers and magazines

The infographic talent of Ivón Guzmán

Infographic showcase from print publications

Print data visualizations from graphics desks around the world

The infographic talent of Douglas Okasaki

Infographic galore: the work of Yael Shinkar

Infographic galore: the work of Yael Shinkar

Inspiration from newsrooms: +50 infographics

50 amazing new infographics from magazines and newspapers

Graphics and maps by Matteo Riva

The infographic work of Giulia De Amicis

Dozens of infographics published recently in newspapers and magazines

How one of the most impressive World Cup visualizations was made

The infographic work of Hiram Henriquez

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