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About Design-Newz

What Is This Site About?

Design-Newz is a site that features news articles, resources and tutorials written by designers and developers just like you! We hope you’ll find this site useful – all articles featured on this site have been hand-picked by us to ensure the highest quality and usefulness! Simply click on a link to visit the source article or browse this site by tags. We try our best to update the site daily with at least 10 new articles!

What Inspired This Site?

Well, we’re big fans of sites like AllTop, PopUrls and Twitter (who isn’t?) and being designers ourselves we noticed that the design community is a very active one always looking for new tips, tricks, tutorials and articles about design, so we thought we’d contribute and bring the whole thing together in one place!

And vice versa: Since the launch, Design-Newz has been an inspiration to others as clones emerged. A great compliment! :)

Who Is Behind Design-Newz?

Design-Newz was founded by well known Jon Phillips and is now owned and moderated by James Vincent.

How Can You Stay Up-To-Date?

The best ways to stay up-to-date would be to subscribe to our RSS Feed! This way you would receive all new articles automatically (hey you’re a busy designer aren’t you?). Or follow us on Twitter!

How Do I get My Articles On Design-Newz?

Simple! Just head over to our submission page, fill all the required fields! If approved, we will link to your article soon.

Got a Portfolio?

We get numerous portfolio submissions for inclusion on Design-Newz. We couldn’t cope with the requests so we thought we’d contribute a bit more and bring the whole portfolio thing together in one great place: Design-Folioz!!! Go check it out now!

Design-Newz widget!

Got a WordPress blog yourself? Great! Now you can offer your visitors the latest Design-Newz posts as cool quality service on your blog. Installing the widget is super easy by following the step-by-step instructions below.

Follow these steps to install the Design-Newz plugin (widget):

  1. First, DOWNLOAD the plugin and unzip it
  3. Upload this .php-file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the WordPress plugins configuration panel
  5. Go to Appearance > Widgets in the WordPress dashboard
  6. Drag the Design-Newz widget across to your sidebar on the right
  7. You’re done!
Feel free to customize appearance to suit your blog! An example of successfully installed plugin can be found here (on the right).
Drop us an email if you need any help with installing.