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The Ghetto Series by Tom Hunter

Transnistria Conglomerate by Anton Polyakov

On the Edge by Miti Ruangkritya

Beautiful Drawings by Viktor Miller-Gausa

Hand Folded Photography by Laura Plageman

Photography by Malte Braun

Photography by Michael Glover

Northwoods Journals by Kurt Simonson

The Last Bookstores by Bryan David Griffith

Periphery by Cara Harman

Photography by Kent Andreasen

Photography by Heikki Leis

Photography by Danilo Pavone

Most Frequently Visited Hills and Ravines by Sergey Novikov

Photography by Jeremy Pollard

20 Ways To Drive Graphic Designers Mad

Coin Art of Pop Culture Icons by Andre Levy

365-Day Lettering Project by Noel Shiveley

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