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CSS Gallery Submission

Massive by Babycakes Romero

Contemporary Pieces by Rebecca Rütten

Photography by Mukti Echwantono

Photography by Zhe Chen

Close to Home by Photography by Andie Wilkinson

Photography by Amiko Wenjia Li

Iran’s Booming Consumer Culture by Thomas Cristofoletti

Leaf Man by Azuma Makoto

Whimsical Sculptures Created Out of Everyday Objects by French Artist Gilbert Legrand

A Sculptural Expression

21 Armband Tattoos For All

Photography by Joakim Eskildsen

23 Street Art Creatively Done

Instagrams by Mikkel Vigholt Petersen

Make-Up Artist Elsa Rhae Transforms Herself Into Pop Culture Characters

Creative Tattoo Designs for Women

Creative Paintings by Ole Fick

Naturally by Bertil Nilsson

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