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NUA Photography Graduate Ashleigh Berryman

Photographer Petra Rolinec aka 8tiesbaby Photography

44 Creative Examples of Digital Landscapes & Environments

25 Examples of the “Mountains” Trend in Web Design

Inspirational Showcase of UI/UX Design Presentations

Inspirational Showcase of UI/UX Design Presentations

33 Website Layouts using Creative Vector Icons

Web Design Trend Showcase: “Tools of the Trade”

25 Visually Stunning App Dashboard Design Concepts

Modern Examples of the Classic Sidebar Menu Layout

25 Websites Designed with a Limited Color Palette

Fine Art Photographer Elise Bloom

Photography Student Zdravko Dimitrov

40 Twitter Profiles Using the New 2014 Layout Design

20 Minimal Web Designs That Don’t Rely on Images

20 Tasty Website Designs from the Food Industry

30 Warm Examples of Yellow Website Layouts

Photographer Denise Rexhall

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