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Design-Newz is daily visited by thousands of people working in the design industry. We have a strong loyal fan base and keep growing in (unique) pageviews every month. Therefore, Design-Newz has become a popular platform for advertisers who are looking for this quality niche audience.


There are three ways of advertising on Design-Newz
1. BuySellAds leaderboard banners (BuySellAds)
2. Custom leaderboard banners ($30 per 30 days)
3. Text ads within posts ($50 for lifetime placement)

The leaderboard ads are a great way to reach our visitors. These ad spaces can be bought via BuySellAds. You can sign up for the waiting list when they’re sold out.
Secondly, we can free up one or more Adsense blocks for you to place your custom (leaderboard) banner(s). These are the 3rd and 4th leaderboard on the homepage. They cost $30 per 30 days each.
Thirdly, you can buy (lifetime) text ads in specific single posts that fit your product best (see example here).┬áJust do a little search on our website first. Lifetime ads are $50 each and will stay up there until Design-Newz’s last breath!
For any other offers/deals please get in touch.


Are you looking for a long term partnership? Design-Newz could be your perfect match! When all feels right we’ll place your icon (favicon) in the footer of all our pages with a link to your site (rel=”dofollow”). Our pagerank is high (28k) and will do your blog good as a quality backlink :) In return we ask you to install our Design-Newz widget in the sidebar of your page (WordPress only). The widget is a unique tool that brings your visitors the lastest design news from Design-Newz.com. Check out some of our partners who already jumped on the bandwagon on the bottom of this page.