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CSS Gallery Submission

Two dozens of interactive maps used to tell stories and explain the news

Scientific diagrams, cutaways, maps and charts from before the digital age

Vintage Infographic Design showcase

Vintage graphics about World War I

Vintage Information Design showcase

Inspiring round up of old charts, infographics and diagrams

Information graphics and charts from before 1960

Medieval maps, old infographics and forgotten charts

Detailed maps of Imaginary Islands inspired by numbers

Vintage Infodesign [71]

Weekly exploration of cartographic narratives, apps and services

Information design from before the digital age

20+ Interactive maps to understand complex issues and tell stories

A visual journey into data visualization history

Fresh selection of interactive maps to learn from

Round up of ancient charts, information graphics and diagrams

Hand-picked selection of cartographic narratives and interactive maps

Vintage Infodesign [67]

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