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CSS Gallery Submission

Bizarre Musical Anatomies by Shawn Feeney

Art by Clem Chen

Quirky Illustrations of Characters from Classic Teen Literature by Oriol Malet

Youths Stuck in Foods – Drawings by Julian Callos

Bizarre Animal Illustrations by Redmer Hoekstra

Imaginative Animal-Human Hybrids by Helena Frank

Drawings of Pop Culture Icons on Paper Coffee Cups by Miguel Cardona

Highly Detailed Ballpoint Pen Drawings of Robots by ‘Wang 2mu’

3D Typographic Drawings That Seem to Pop Out of the Page by Lex Wilson

Illustrations of Wrecked Cars in Junkyards by Paul White

Super Mario Characters Drawn as ‘Yakuza’ Gang Members by Eduardo Vieira

Quirky Drawings of Imaginary Birds by Orbán János

“X-ray Series” – Skeletons of Cartoon Characters Illustrated by Chris Panda

Clever Drawings That Turn Flowers into Whimsical Figures by Rabi Mark

Impressive Colored Pencil Drawings by Morgan Julia Davidson

Drawings by HABBENINK (The Art of Giving Life to Simple Shapes!)

Illustrations of Game of Thrones 80/90s Era

Drawing With Perfection by Franco Clun

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