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8 Popular Texture Collections from Offset – 240+ Files – only $17!

Patterned Metal Textures

How to Turn a Photo into a Seamless, Tileable Texture in Photoshop

Free Graffiti Wall Textures

Old Stone Wall Textures

5 Grunge Textures

Quickly Add Interest to Plain Looking Textures in Photoshop

Fabric Seamless Patterns Vol. 4

5 Hi-res Grunge Textures

10 Vintage Logos and Textures Bundle

Awesome Free Flora Textures Collection

65+ Free High Resolution Grass Textures

Free High-Res Polygon Backgrounds Vol 1

Designer Texture Pack #3

Fabric Seamless Patterns Vol. 3

How to Use an Image as a Layer Mask and Add Depth to Your Designs

How to Add Dimension and Texture Using Lighting Effects in Photoshop

21 High Resolution Free Texture Packs

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